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Our philosophy is that everything is unique and special and has it’s own distinct shine, character and style. That’s why every shot we take is unique.

We create images and the images create memories. These, we want to always be beautiful and true.

Meet The Team

Εvmorfia Iliadou

She was born and studied in Athens. In 2000, she graduated from the Leica  Photography Academy. In the following years she was involved in photography in the area of art, fashion, events, weddings, concerts, portraits. She also participated in  two exhibitions in Athens with a reportage character. Since 2012, she lives and works in Norway. In 2015 she participated in a photo exhibition titled “Norway through the eyes of the Greek Photographer”.

Κonstantinos Adamis

He has been involved with photography since 1980. Since 2010 he has been working professionally covering events, personal and family portraits and promotional photography.

In 2015 he conceived the idea, organized and participated in the exhibition, “Norway through the Eyes of the Greek Photographer”, (Norge sett med greske øyene). The exhibition took place at the Stavanger Cultural Center.



Personal moments, tender, unique. Family photos are pictures unchanged over time. Moments with your children, your partner and family members. We need to capture real, spontaneous moments.

Trust is the magic word.


The special and important moments of the teenager’s ceremony adulthood, is a special challenge for us. It’s a step by step process with the teenager being photographed. Sacred, emotional and celebratory moments that remain unaltered in the memory of the teenager.


A process where we first share moments and personal time with the model. Our goal is, in addition to the exterior features, to capture part of the interior of his world. The portrait is a complex but complete picture of the model’s personality.


This is a personal, unique and special ceremony for the couple. These three characteristics along with the expression of emotions, we are called to focus on our lens and touch their hearts with our images.


Fashion is expression, style, look and above all aesthetics. On these principles and in collaboration with the client we end up with a photographic project.



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